Panther Public Adjusting is here to handle all your commercial and residential property claims.

Panther Public Adjusting is your one stop for help with your insurance claim throughout Florida. Whether your recovering from a hurricane, fire, water damage or any other disaster, we are here to help you get thru the process and get you a large settlement.

About Us

Insurance Claims experts

Panther Public Adjusting was founded with the principle that every Homeowner deserves the best.

At Panther Public Adjusting, we know recovering from a Fire, Flood, Hurricane, and other damages is not easy. The insurance process can be tedious, and drawn out. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of your claim in house. Each client is assigned a dedicated representative who holds your hand throughout the process. Our motto is "Maximize Money, Minimize Stress". Contact us today for your free consultation and 10 point inspection.

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Our Services

We fight to get our clients paid the max for their claim. claims include:

Fire damage

Smoke Damage

Denied Claims

Shower Pan Leaks

Water Damage

Underpaid Claims

A/C Leaks

Hail Damage

Flood Damage

Damaged Roofs

Burst Pipes

Cast Iron Pipe Claim

Windstorm / Hurricane Damage

Water Heater damage

Mold Claims


Our Values

Mendy started his career in retail management. Working in upper management, he realized something was missing. At a company retreat for upper management, the CEO gave over his favorite 3 pieces of advice.

Don't worry about money, worry about taking care of the customer.
Learn something new every day.
Enjoy your work

Taking this advice to heart, Mendy quit the company to do what he enjoys doing, helping people! These values are the core of what makes us Panther Public Adjusting.

Call now for a free inspection, 833-726-8437

Customers reviews

Our Testimonials

After the Hurricane, our insurance initially gave us less then $40,000 with Mendy's help, our settlement was for an additional $165,000.
James P
When we first met you told me your dedication to helping people. Initially I shrugged that off. Now I understand. Thank you and God Bless.
Scott G
After our loss, I was stressed out, and didn't know where to begin. As a widow, when the insurance company gave me twelve thousand, I didn't realize I had options. My Public adjuster reassured me, and held my hand throughout the process, getting me another $89,000. Thank you!
Kathy S
Our house suffered extensive water damage, and our insurances did not give us nearly enough to fix our house. When our contractor heard the great settlement our Public Adjuster got us, he was in shock.
Elaine A

Millions of Dollars recovered for our clients

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    Millions of Dollars recovered for our Clients!